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This is for schools that do not want to worry about whether or not the learner has existing cover from a medical aid, hospital plan or if the parents have the financial means to afford the best medical care and ambulance services in times of medical emergencies. 

 This product speaks to the liability of the school by managing a medical emergency on behalf of the school. Edu-Emergency Assist offers peace of mind to the school management, school board, governing body, staff, coaches, parents and learners.


In any serious situation, managing an emergency as effectively as possible is key! Despite your school’s careful supervision of activities, accidents do happen. In the event of a sports injury, medical crisis, or serious accident, how does your school respond and what emergency procedures do you follow?

We all know that when we most need to contact someone, they are unavailable. In an emergency the school cannot afford to wait, especially for the parent’s consent and medical details.

When the management of a crisis is without leadership or protocol, it may result in serious consequences for the student, the parents and the school itself.

Should a student be injured whilst under the care of the school, the school should not concern itself with whether they can contact the parents or if the child has medical aid, but instead be confident that the child will receive the best medical treatment, regardless.

Our solution is about dealing with an emergency effectively and in doing so, we are ensuring that no one can hold your school liable for the mismanagement of an emergency crisis.

For less than half a loaf of bread per child per month, you can have peace of mind and protect the school’s integrity.