It is not necessary to learn the art of your students safety by an accident ?

There are an increasing number of injuries and accidents that occur, on a daily basis, at Educational institutions across South Africa.

These incidents occur whilst under the control of educators of such institutions and for this reason a unique plan has been identified and developed to assist schools in the management of an emergency to specifically ensure that a learner gets the best possible treatment immediately

To cater for medical emergencies a unique product was developed for schools to specifically ensure that a learner gets the best possible medical treatment in the shortest possible time.

A compelling benefit built into this emergency assistance product is the fact that the school’s students have guaranteed acceptance to Private hospitals and private emergency facilities throughout South Africa even if the student or its parents or guardians are not members to a medical aid or medical scheme.

With a guarantee for all the schools students to a Private Hospital or Private Emergency facility this offers the Governing Body, Principle, Teachers and Parents peace of mind in the event of an emergency that the student will receive the best medical attention as procedures are in place to manage the event effectively and efficiently.

How does it work?

1. A student gets injured and the situation changes into an emergency – staff member/ sports co coordinator presses a panic button on a cell phone

2. This will send an SOS to a 24hr call center and as the cell number of the schools staff is in the SOS database the call center will have the following information – the schools name and number, the staff member who activated the emergency, the cell phone will indicate the GPS co-ordinates of incident, which will bring up a map of the surrounding area, listing all of the hospital groups and ambulance groups in that area.

3. The Emergency Control Center will then phone the school staff member back and get name of injured learner;

4. All the students information will immediately be available as this is pre loaded onto the emergency database;

5. The Control center will dispatch an ambulance if needed;

6. The Control center will brief the paramedic of the situation whilst en route to the emergency ;

7. The Control center will contact hospitals admissions department and email the learners details to the hospital for guaranteed pre-admission; contact the next-of-kin; put the guarantee in place at the hospital (learner will be accepted and treated – no questions asked and no money required as a deposit at the hospital)